Jan. 21st, 2015

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(A terse update because I'm pretending I'm not on the internet, really.)

Currently Reading

Twenties Girl (Sophie Kinsella) - a rather sweet chicklit ghost story. I am becoming less and less able to cope with the cringe humour associated with the genre (chicklit, not ghost stories) - Women Being Humiliated is not my idea of fun - but am managing this one so far.

Recently Finished

Maskerade (Terry Pratchett) - yay witches!

Americanah (Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) - the middle was the best bit, I think. I felt it lost its way towards the end. Worth reading, though.

Up Next

Sparrow Story has arrived, so perhaps that. So did The Penelopiad and Brat Farrar, both of which my mother thought I ought to have. And whatever is the next Discworld (Hogfather?) And I have spent a lot of time today lying on my floor looking at my bookcase from upside down, and seeing all sorts of books I'd forgotten I possessed, so maybe one of those.


Still working through the Idylls of the King - I finished The Holy Grail the other night. Very odd reading Elaine for the first time, it's been quoted so much elsewhere. Quite apart from the sequence that is sent up so beautifully in Anne of Green Gables, there's 'their eyes met, and hers fell', and this: '... of more than twice her years/ seam'd with an ancient sword-cut on the cheek/ and bruis'd and bronz'd, she lifted up her eyes/ and loved him, with that love that was her doom.' Which I know by heart - I typed that up without taking the book off the shelf - and don't know why. I will swear I've never read the poem before. The only thing I can think of is that Agatha Christie quotes it somewhere. It's plausible: she does like Tennyson, and I read the lot at an impressionable age. I have a lot of Christie stuck in my head.

Other Media

Mapp and Lucia, book (in haste, a couple of weeks ago, so I could watch it) and TV. I think they've done it rather well. Cadfael, gradually.


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